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Robert Johnson

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About Me

Robert has had a fascination with computers and programming since 1986 at the age of 12. He grew up on a ranch in Oklahoma and learned to work with metal from his father who had retired from oil field work. Mechanical and electrical tasks came easy which led him to enjoy a 25+ year career in HVAC. He loved to teach employees the trade and found it came naturally. It was during that career that he began to use a Plasmacam table to cut sheet metal for ductwork fittings. As HVAC was scaled back, moving to metal art and sign fabrication sounded fun so he founded 490 Creations in 2015 and honed his skills in Design Edge.

Robert loves to share the skills he's acquired and participates in online forums and FB groups and uploads YouTube videos to help other Plasmacam owners. After many requests to provide in-person help from people across the country, he looked for the best way to make that happen. Learn PC was founded in 2018 to do that with 3-day workshops! Now, in 2022 after teaching over 600 students in person, we look forward to improving our online content and bringing better training and support to friends here in the US and around the world!

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This awesome network is designed to help you in your DesignEdge journey! No matter what your level of experience with PlasmaCAM, Samson, or GoTorch machine, this is a great place to gain valuable information. Having a paid access network lets us create and provide valuable content and assistance!